December 19, 2009

Celebrate Live Music at the NEW music ALL music Peace Park

Celebrate Live Music at the NEW music ALL music Peace Park
JaNa KYoMooN'S music ALL music Peace Park - NEW LOCATION from December 19th
The music ALL music Peace Park has moved to the beautiful Taj Hjem SIM.
Lovely sea views and sea air with great neighbours.
Opening the doors on Saturday @9AM SLT - group members are welcome ANY time.
Please delete the old Jarang LandMark!
Thanks for your support!
JaNa KYoMooN

December 10, 2009

Now booking Real Life Second Life house parties for 2010

Now booking Real Life Second Life house parties for 2010
impress your friends with a journey into the future . . .
invite them over for a Virtual Private party
viewed on your big screen TV
live personalised music and particles
give them the gift of music as party favours
customize your experience!
Further details contact JaNa KYoMooN

December 1, 2009

Radio JaNa, Particles, Music for Winter Festivals

Thanks to everyone who comes and shares the music in Second Life and on . . . I finally worked out a way to keep my stream running 24/7 from cyberspace when I'm not playing live so please tune in anytime and if you want to use the stream in itunes or SL the URL is

Here's a link to a nice photo taken by Arthurx Titanium

I have been fortunate to recently work with InterfaceD Dreamscape's particles which really enhance the performance so much and make for great photos and video - if anyone has any please let me know!

Music for Winter Festivals is opening again Wednesday 2nd December at the music ALL music Peace park. Cant believe it's a year since the last one - where did the time go? So join us every Wednesday 4PM Pacific Time for some Festive Cheer and the GoodBye Weekend Shows every Sunday 2PM and 9PM

We are trying to raise 250,000 lindens for the various charities i will be performing for during the winter festivals so come and enjoy the music and donate!

People are always asking where they can buy the music so here is a link to CD baby for CDs and downloads

In SL members of the music ALL music Park group can buy the downloads at the music ALL music peace park for just 1000 lindens - look for the album covers . . and a good reason to join the group!

Thank You!
See you soon

JaNa KYoMooN

October 19, 2009

Interview – JaNa KYoMooN, Second Life musician

Interview – JaNa KYoMooN, Second Life musician -
This is an interview I did for the Metaverse Journal in Australia with Dave Holloway. The magazine is a really interesting read about all things virtual and beyond . . . Follow Dave on Twitter as metaverseoz!

September 19, 2009

Reflections of JaNa KYoMooN

it's been a couple of weeks and i still cant get into SL . . .
hoping to resume operations in october
will you still remember JaNa KYoMooN?
i have missed playing and chatting to everyone
blog writing reminds me too much of school day essay writing and homework
surprised i can remember that far back!
twittering with 140 characters gets the job done - a blog effeciency
thanks to happycharles sideshow and leanna luftig for keeping the music ALL music Peace Park humming with music during my absence with the GoodBye Weekend Show

July 21, 2009

Technology is a wonderful thing . .

Those of you who follow my daily posts on Twitter will know all the success stories concerning
Relay for Life
The ACS Benefits
The GoodBye Weekend Show
Behind the monitor
The art gallery Shows
The Apollo 11 celebration
The electronic festivals
The Women of SL festival
The Italian Sims
The 1st Question TV show
The list goes on - last weekend I played to nearly 200 people - all on line
Technology is a wonderful thing . .

Subscribe to the calendar or follow me on twitter for the latest updates and live shows

Come and share some music very soon!

JaNa KYoMooN

July 6, 2009

The Poet's Brain 070609 WHeRe WoRDs FaiL MuSiC SPeaKS

First Monday of each month I play at the Poet's Brain - a club where music and words go hand in hand thanks to the hostess Lailah Tomorrow and the wonderful group of 20-30 people who come to inspire and be inspired
This evening I played the following tunes to go with the theme "WHeRe WoRDs FaiL MuSiC SPeaKS"
Journey - TaKe Me oN a JouRNey TaKe Me FaR aWaY TaKe Me WHeRe THe MuSiC MaKeS ouR BoDieS PLaY
eGYPTiaN FoG - MeDiTaTe oN THe WoRD aND SooN THe NoTeS oF PeaCe WiLL SiNG a MuSiCaL PHRaSe
ReFLeCTioNS oF iNDiGo thanks to the paintings of Indea Vaher for letting me finally finish this
SuMMeR SoLSTiCe improvization
The following poems were sent and read before the stream and SL crashed for the last five minutes of a really fantastic hour!
We are still living on the edge and at the mercy of technolgy!
Thanks to everyone
See you in August!
JaNa KYoMooN
© Broodies words - a summer's night

As I sit on my deck gazing at the night sky listening to Jana's music
I see the thousand of twinkling stars dances across the heavens above
As the moon begins to rise in the east it shines it bright full moon beam light in the forest
on the trees below casting it shadows at the night.
I sit here feeling such peace and harmony with the planet and heavens.
Such a wonderous feelling and moment in time


© from Magnolia...

I can remeber as I look back
Days when I felt so free,
Child of a million stones,
I skipped across the creek,

There were spiderwebs and butterflies and roses in bloom,
A world when everything was rare and new...

Music brings on memories of days rich and true,
And still each time I hear a song, its a beginning brand new.

© Laila Tomorrow - Let the Music Flow
Mind, Body and Soul

The light shines in
And I exhale
I close my eyes and let the rays illuminate my mind
The rhythm guides my body and the melody moves my soul
It's time to unwind and let the music flow
My thoughts travel afar
My body does a dance
My soul is one with Sound
Let the music flow
© Poem for Jana's Song 07/06/09

right foot down the gourd shakes
left foot down the gourd shakes
heartbeat drum the gourd shakes
cry of the hawk the gourd shakes
aho, my brothers and sisters the gourd shakes
right foot down the gourd shakes
left foot down the gourd shakes
the tingle and pulse of life energy the gourd shakes
web of life live in peace the gourd shakes

Drusilla Galicia

© 2dragonflies and dandelions

Is this benign?
I'm counting down the time til twenty nine
my bum knee hurts I can't feel the rhythm in my soul
the pain is burning a hole
nothing feels real I'm crying too
I'm so down from sitting I'm blue
I also miss this chick I know where has she gone?
But damn I love this song.... what is it's name?
Like the rain it's gone
escaped through my sieve called thing I call brain
and it leaves again.

© Laila Tomorrow - As far as the eyes can see

surrounded by the children as far as the eyes can see
smiles, laughter, positive vibes all around
one by one, the faces start to fade
the laughter begins to die
and loneliness besets me
Oh how childhood pleasures escape our memory
to have that again

© Ruminations:Poet's Brain 762009
Lift me.
Stretch me long across the the heat

Leave me.
Let me wander alone amongst the vibrations

Let the worlds collide and the words unfurl
A patois of sound emerges as ideas and song entwine
Birthing beauty.

Inhale through your pores.
Hold it. Savor it.

Breathe out and watch where it goes.
Spinning into infinity, touching lightly as the magic becomes a part of everything.

Feel the beat in everything. In everyone.


© To Lessa (sung to the Mountain)

We met at a dance hall
A long time ago
You were so shy and innocent
A lot you didn't know
I loved you that instant
Knew we never would part
And we've grown so much closer
And share the same heart.

© Jakis Westminster Speak

With every beat that my heart makes
another piece of my heart brakes,

but dont feel sad
it isnt bad
i dont feel this way for a single person
i feel this way because im haunted by a lesson

if the world could speak,
it would tell us to leave
if the sky could speak
it would tell us not to breath
if the moon could speak
it would tell us not to go to sleep

if the water could speak
it would warn us not to go so deep
if the mountains could speak
theyd ask us to stop climbing there peaks

but if i choose to speak
id proberly sound obsolete

so if we all start respecting these things that cannont speak and start speaking together,
that would be lesson learnt forever
© Second Life

Meandering along this musical stream
Bobbing gently in the rhythmic waves
Washing up back on Help Island
Where a fascinating world unfolded
Long ago now - a lifetime past
Eyes opened wide viewing the new
Never thought possible before
Amazing new world -- still is now
Always changing yet familiar
Open to me now forevermore
Safe space always
Dreams come true.


June 23, 2009

SL6B - the future is today

Share photos on twitter with Twitpic
Meet the artist - JaNa KYoMooN -MuSiC MaKeR iN THe FuTuRe oF VIRTuaL WoRLDS - hosts an informal chat and music at her SL6B exhibit each day @ 1PM
JaNa KYoMooN

June 22, 2009


THe FuTuRe oF ViRTuaL WoRLDS iS CoMMuNiCaTioN - WHeRe WoRDs FaiL MuSiC SPeaKS

JaNa KYoMooN is the avatar used by JAN PULSFORD - Composer, songwriter, virtual artist and explorer in the brave new world of music and technology.She is excited to be part of the Second Life 6th Birthday Exhibition with her 15 prim build in the virtual world showing THe FuTuRe oF ViRTuaL WoRLDS iS CoMMuNiCaTioN - WHeRe WoRDs FaiL MuSiC SPeaKS
"By being part of this exhibition, celebrating the future of virtual worlds, I feel like I am part of the future of music
As we become more isolated in the real world we become more connected standing on this platform to the future.
Communication through music and the arts is very much alive behind the monitor."
Meet the artist - JaNa KYoMooN -MuSiC MaKeR iN THe FuTuRe oF VIRTuaL WoRLDS - hosts an informal chat and music at her SL6B exhibit each day @ 1PM
and as always simulcast on

June 19, 2009

Be great to see you at a concert this weekend! all simulcast on

Weekend Shows with JaNa KYoMooN

Be great to see you at a concert this weekend! all simulcast on

10PM JaNa KYoMooN performs @ ACS Benefit
Callidora Beach has successfully raised almost $5000 USD for the American Cancer Society since launching the ACS Benefit Concert series in October 2008.
Come and support this great cause with an hour of relaxing music


11AM Opening of a new Art Show at the beautiful Pyramid Gallery
Wander around this fantastic art exhibition whist listen to the audio paintings and sketches of JaNa KYoMooN

1PM Zurich Opera House
JaNa is excited to play her debut concert @ this amazing venue
Come and share an hour of rhythmic reflections

8.30 Behind the Monitor
Unfortunately our scheduled Guest, Leanna Luftig has had to postpone due to illness
So JaNa KYoMooN will be rebroadcasting the interview with cellist Josie Phelan and playing live music. Come early and stay late!

9.00 The GoodBye Weekend Show
A weekly hour of ambient rhythmic reflections to bid the weekend goodbye and relax before the start of a new week. Snuggle under the covers as you listen to the award winning music of JaNa KyoMooN who relaxes you for an hour of soothing soundscapes mixing solo piano, synths and world rhythms.
Downstairs @ the mAm Peace Park


June 13, 2009

Swina's Mood Interview
hello Jana!
Is it all ok for you at Swina's Mood tomorrow!?
These are the questions Swina will do to you:
How did you discover SL?

I got into Second life about three years ago in Feb 2006.
My friend the SL musician Cypress Rosewood suggested it.
After a few attempts I finally "got it" and became JaNa KYoMooN creating the Music ALL Music Peace Park and started performing as part of the Peace Park Trio with Cypress and Trefies Kaufman.
The mixture of electronica with dulcimer and Native American Flute was extremely successful. We played many gigs.
Then about a year ago I started performing as a solo artist - At first I was performing hard hitting electronica music from my RL aTHeNa BLue project but then as time went on it seemed the more down-tempo, meditative ambient music was getting the biggest reaction.
When I realized the positive aspect of performing this kind of music for spiritual and physical well being I decided to dedicate most of my performances in SL to this end. 

Do you think SL can be a valid showcase for your RL works?

Absolutely. I think it goes hand in hand and for me creatively it provides a weekly outlet for new music and ideas.
It is a perfect parallel to the real world in terms of seeing yourself reflected in the virtual world.
you can learn from your mistakes and your sucesses
and you can get immediate feedback
For new musicians it's invaluable for planning a business model
i mean if no one comes to a show why is that?
so they can learn the importance of promotion, talking to people,stage presence etc etc
just like the real world
I host the "Goodbye Weekend Show" on Sunday night's at the music ALL music Peace Park and have seen it grow from nothing to a packed SIM. It has helped me record three albums and develop Radio Jana

Which are the sources of your inspiration?

I believe music is all around us and we as composers learn to tap into that
we get our inspiration from a variety of stimuli depending where we are in our lives.
For the past few years my inspiration has been where I live and the fields and nature that surround me. From the sound of the water babbling to the birds, the smell of honeysuckle and the beauty of the trees and flowers. The sight of the full moon to the sound of thunder.
I capture these musical moments into my computer. I might come back from a long walk, take a deep breath and play and programme the music I found.
i like to think of it as painting and sketches with music. I use reflective piano and ambient synths tinged with echoes of world jazz and triphop"


Do you want to use your RL name?

I think people enjoy the anonimity of SL - I have found they don't seem to be all that interested in who you are or what you do in RL which i quite like
I don't mind if people know my name which is jan pulsford
they can google me very easily and find out who i have worked with
my favourite projects in RL have been with Cyndi Lauper, Chico Freeman, aTHeNa BLue and DJ Julian Marsh
it's no great secret

Do you use other kind of digital promotions?

I think we are living in the most exciting times for the internet and digital revolution
i tweet and blip music every day
i blog when i have time
i sell my music in CDs and mp3 downloads


May 18, 2009

Perceived Chaos?

we are living in an airbrushed age - everything has to appear perfect.
i so enjoy performing in the virtual world of second life. i admit i get flustered and tongue tied as i move between three computers, loading sounds for the music I play and manipulate live. multi tasking like a mother.
yesterday i wondered if people notice and do they really care if it's live or not?
i can't message or communicate whilst playing and yet people chat to me as if i'm not doing anything.
other performers who play pre-recorded music can carry on a conversation whilst their music is playing.
i could if i was using itunes but i use logic audio - an extremely powerful sequencing and recording application.
i like the feel of playing live albeit it me and the computer!
would love to get your feedback . .
would you rather have a pristine sounding "radio show" or is there something about the chaos of someone trying to find sounds and their words that makes you tune in
thanks JaNa

May 14, 2009

Realizing more and more . . .

Realizing more and more that the micro blogging of Twitter is the way to go

April 3, 2009

JaNa KYoMooN plays a hour of live rhythmic reflections 5PM today in Second Life @ Anthology

April 1, 2009

JaNa KYoMooN - virtual artist/musician from Virtual Worlds

JaNa KYoMooN - virtual artist/musician

Jan Pulsford captures musical moments into her computer playing live rhythmic reflections that make up her hour long concerts broadcast on the web from the virtual world of Second Life where she performs using the avatar JaNa KYoMooN

She performs as a solo artist mixing electronica with ambient improvisations and rhythmic reflections in what has been described as "a gallery of soundscapes and audio paintings." Her pictures are sketched with reflective piano and synths tinged with echoes of world jazz and triphop"

Recently Voted the Best New Age Artist, winning the AMA award, JaNa KYoMooN plays to an audience of several hundred people per month and simulcasts the music on Her audience in worldwide and includes hospitals and hospices.

"When I realized the positive aspect of performing this kind of music for spiritual and physical well being I decided to dedicate most of my performances in SL to this end."

Virtual Worlds April 1st 2009

Don't forget to follow me on twitter!!

Don't forget to follow me on twitter!!
The easiest and most time consuming way for me to keep everyone up to date as I embark on more musical cyber adventures
140 characters or less - my kind of blog LOL
and I Blip music and a quote everyday
see u soon

March 17, 2009

Certificates of Streamology

Congratulations to HappyCharles SideShow who got his certificate of streamology last Wednesday. We all look forward to hearing him perform in SL very soon!!

March 7, 2009

Reflections of the KyoMoon

Close to finishing the "Reflections of the KyoMoon" album to follow up "Sketches of the KyoMoon". Hope to record it live next Sunday evening (March 15th) at the "Goodbye Weekend" concerts that are now a weekly event " Downstairs" @ the music ALL music Peace Park.

Tomorrow night (March 8th) we have Cypress Rosewood coming to play for this popular relaxing hour so set yourself to midnight and snuggle under the covers!

The Dreams Health Education Fair was very informative and showed what a great place SL can be as a support network for just about everything!

The Music and Technology School has been going very well and we now have two certificates hanging on the wall for Leanna Luftig and Vee Richez who both took the giant step of crossing the stream into SL - a well deserved cert of Streamology!

Played a couple of early morning concerts to benefit the devastating Bushfires in Australia and then my real life avatar went to FL for a week to work with the legendary Melanie. We got her social media sorted including a podcast on itunes and oh yes . . a bit of sun and swimming.

See you at the next on line performance

February 13, 2009

HAPPY ST. VALENTINES DAY to the Music ALL Music Park Group

Happy Saint Valentine's Day to everyone in the music ALL music Park Group
Here's a special gift for you
Ar Hyd y Nos
It's the JaNa KYoMooN version of the traditional Welsh Tune "Ar Hyd y Nos" - All through the night
Hope you enjoy it and your love shines all through the nights ahead

It was 11PM in Australia on Tuesday when I got up to do a 4AM gig for the Australian Bushfires Benefit @ the Music Hall of Fame last Tuesday! In the words of Virginia Woolf - "Sleep, that deplorable curtailment of the joy of life." One of the most positive aspects of Second Life is the charity work - Seems to bring out the best in people. The $200,000 Lindens goal was reached as I was on stage.

Wednesday @ 7PM was the regular Music and Technology School. Q+A about streaming and such. Three of our group members have now got streams and are getting ready to launch into on line performing! I am recording a podcast for the next class

Thursday was the gig @ SugarHill DJ Miles and I had been preparing for weeks. Of course come to perform and I started playing the stream test music - whoops!. Well mistakes do happen but we recovered and the 30+ minute show seemed to be a big success. Nice to mix the music up - a cocktail of jazz, electronica, rock, drum n bass - "ambient fusion" was the term miles coined - hope we can do some more shows soon.

Friday 13th i played at a beautiful wedding - Brwynwynn and Ghrynnd got partnered in SL @ the Isle of Mists with as much intensity as any real life affair! Amazingly beautiful and moving service.

. . . and so to Valentine's Day. Members of the music ALL music Park can Download the tune Ar Hyd y Nos
See you sometime this week!

February 7, 2009

Another inspiring week . . .

Another inspiring week of on line creative adventures culminating with the electronica festival @ Torben Asp's ethereal club in Second Life. Four hours of great music from Michi Renoir, Cypress Rosewood, Torben and myself. The Particle show and revolving audience has to be experienced! I found earthling Richard Oakland floating around the Peace Gallery so think I have persuaded him to do a photography and music exhibition in SL . . hooray. (BTW He thinks I have a future as an SL tour guide . . . well at least I may have a future)
Formatting Heliosense opened his exhibition today - Patrick Millard in Real Life - nice collection of artistic photos at the New Boston Art Colony
Music performances for me this week have included the Red Cat Forgotten Church and San Padre as well as events @ the music ALL music Peace Park with music for Brywnwyn and Mystical One's Birthday. Met DJ nuvolino this week from Australia and we collaborated on a special tune for Brywnwyn which he debuted Downstairs @ the Park along with his hypnotic brand of trance.
Very excited about the collaboration with SJ Miles Eleventhauer for the concert next Thursday @ the Gallery Galli on Sugar Hill Island. This is a special blend of ambient and fusion and jazz
The Music and Technology School on Wednesday Night was packed again and I demonstrated how I put a track together to play @ my on line performances. Then spent hours getting the new stream working which will be demonstrated next week
Oh and one last note - Mandolin Reign is closing down so there are no more "Goodbye Weekend" shows there. I will start again March 1st at the mAm Peace Park. I am sorry to see that venue go.

January 31, 2009

Best New Age ~ Jana Kyomoon

Winners of The 1rst AMA Music Awards!

The Winners of the first AMA (Anthology Music Awards) Awards with categories as created & picked by your fans across the grid are as follows & listed in no specific order:

Best Rock ~ Allister Westland
Best Acoustic ~ Phiona Ember
Best Live DJ ~ Mik Rosenfeld
Best New Live Artis ~ Sphere Quan
Best Jazz ~ Bones Writer
Best Instrumental ~ OneHempcat Oldrich
Best Folk ~ Frogg Marlowe & Jaycat Nicco
Best New Age ~ Jana Kyomoon
Best Duo ~ Erin68 Frog & Satin Galli
Best Venue ~ Hips West/Heron Island Performance Space/Carter Liveoak & Gillian Carthage
Best Female Artist ~ Grace McDunnough
Most Popular Artist ~ KevinMThomas Carpool

WOW I feel like i've won a Grammy!

January 30, 2009

Live music in SL - 5 of the best PART 1

There is an incredible amount of music in the virtual world of Second Life - so much that I could spend most of my time exploring and listening and never get any work done!! . . Here are some of my favourites so far . . . Search their profiles and find a gig

Torben Asp - Danish Electronica - very uplifitng, melodic and euro-rhythmic. Lots of good stories and now with a great Particle Show. His venue is the Yard Club Ethereal

ZeroOne Paz - Unique San Francisco Bay cool Jazz vibes and original songs/music with covers arranged in his inimitable style from Leonard Cohen to Talking Heads and Michael Franks. His Home is the Bluffs

Cypress Rosewood - Native American Flutes with Ambient Synths and Guitars. All live from his studio in TN. One of the pioneers of space music in SL.

DJ Miles Eleventhauer - if you are a true jazz buff catch one of Miles Jazz shows. Thursday night @ Sugar Hill is a good start - that's where I found him. Plays all kinds of jazz including fusion and acid jazz with the stories behind the music from the jazzologist.

DJ Format - aka Formatting Heliosense - Earlier this century the RL radio program 'electric brainwaves' gained much recognition and notice in the ambient music circuit. In 2005 the show went off the air and has been on hiatus ever since but this show has come back in SL only. For those who cherish the sounds of ambient/idm/glitch/noise and experimental electronic music. His home is the Wandering Star . The Wandering Star Indie Club, Phasmogoria (59, 21, 601)

Invite me to a gig!
JaNa KYoMooN

January 24, 2009

Music for the Soul Festival - the Welsh Edition

Last night we had a Welsh edition of the Music for your Soul Festival "Downstairs" in the music ALL music Peace Park.
It was a small intimate affair with Welsh Translations by Brywnwyn Llewellyn and tea and welsh cakes served by Mystical One and Ghryndd. JaNa read from the book of Welsh Sayings that Melanie Safka had sent her and played welsh folk tunes like Ar Hyd y Nos and Suogan in her electronic rhythmic reflective way
These are nice hours to relax
Look out for the next one - one day next week @4PM Probably be a children's hour

January 23, 2009

Music and Technology School

Last Wednesday I was surprised how many people turned up for the Music and Technology Class.
It was a "dummy run" but seemed to work out quite well, starting with me talking on the stream and then going into voice chat for real time Q+A
Some of the subjects we broached at the first Music and Technology School included
numerical IPs
voice chat
what can go wrong?
I tried to help clear up misconceptions about
web address vs website
podcast vs mp3
nicecast vs icecast
tips and donations

The first week was a trial run and the fee was by donation - a "what you can afford" hour.
I would like to keep it like that. The current rate of exchange is $280 Lindens = $1 US dollar

Please IM or email me with questions for next week's session
Wednesday @ 7PM @ the music ALL music Peace Park

January 8, 2009

January 6, 2009

Music for Winter Festivals 2008

Yesterday was the last event in the Music for Winter Festivals which ran almost daily through December @4PM
The calendar is archived here
and there is a slideshow of photos here
Highlights included
performances by Torben Asp, Cypress Rosewood and Trowzer Boa along with DJ appearances by DJ Miles Eleventhauer and JaNa KYoMooN and Happy Charles
Brywnwyn's Rezday party and the Angels 4 Taegan day were joyous occasions and the conga ball animations were daily sources of fun!
Over 300 avatars visited the park looking for Santa and donated to Angels for Taegan, Unicef and Project Children.
We raised thousands of lindens which is being sent out to the three charities this week. The final total will be posted on Friday.
Thank you for your support!