February 13, 2009

HAPPY ST. VALENTINES DAY to the Music ALL Music Park Group

Happy Saint Valentine's Day to everyone in the music ALL music Park Group
Here's a special gift for you
Ar Hyd y Nos
It's the JaNa KYoMooN version of the traditional Welsh Tune "Ar Hyd y Nos" - All through the night
Hope you enjoy it and your love shines all through the nights ahead

It was 11PM in Australia on Tuesday when I got up to do a 4AM gig for the Australian Bushfires Benefit @ the Music Hall of Fame last Tuesday! In the words of Virginia Woolf - "Sleep, that deplorable curtailment of the joy of life." One of the most positive aspects of Second Life is the charity work - Seems to bring out the best in people. The $200,000 Lindens goal was reached as I was on stage.

Wednesday @ 7PM was the regular Music and Technology School. Q+A about streaming and such. Three of our group members have now got streams and are getting ready to launch into on line performing! I am recording a podcast for the next class

Thursday was the gig @ SugarHill DJ Miles and I had been preparing for weeks. Of course come to perform and I started playing the stream test music - whoops!. Well mistakes do happen but we recovered and the 30+ minute show seemed to be a big success. Nice to mix the music up - a cocktail of jazz, electronica, rock, drum n bass - "ambient fusion" was the term miles coined - hope we can do some more shows soon.

Friday 13th i played at a beautiful wedding - Brwynwynn and Ghrynnd got partnered in SL @ the Isle of Mists with as much intensity as any real life affair! Amazingly beautiful and moving service.

. . . and so to Valentine's Day. Members of the music ALL music Park can Download the tune Ar Hyd y Nos
See you sometime this week!

February 7, 2009

Another inspiring week . . .

Another inspiring week of on line creative adventures culminating with the electronica festival @ Torben Asp's ethereal club in Second Life. Four hours of great music from Michi Renoir, Cypress Rosewood, Torben and myself. The Particle show and revolving audience has to be experienced! I found earthling Richard Oakland floating around the Peace Gallery so think I have persuaded him to do a photography and music exhibition in SL . . hooray. (BTW He thinks I have a future as an SL tour guide . . . well at least I may have a future)
Formatting Heliosense opened his exhibition today - Patrick Millard in Real Life - nice collection of artistic photos at the New Boston Art Colony
Music performances for me this week have included the Red Cat Forgotten Church and San Padre as well as events @ the music ALL music Peace Park with music for Brywnwyn and Mystical One's Birthday. Met DJ nuvolino this week from Australia and we collaborated on a special tune for Brywnwyn which he debuted Downstairs @ the Park along with his hypnotic brand of trance.
Very excited about the collaboration with SJ Miles Eleventhauer for the concert next Thursday @ the Gallery Galli on Sugar Hill Island. This is a special blend of ambient and fusion and jazz
The Music and Technology School on Wednesday Night was packed again and I demonstrated how I put a track together to play @ my on line performances. Then spent hours getting the new stream working which will be demonstrated next week
Oh and one last note - Mandolin Reign is closing down so there are no more "Goodbye Weekend" shows there. I will start again March 1st at the mAm Peace Park. I am sorry to see that venue go.