March 7, 2009

Reflections of the KyoMoon

Close to finishing the "Reflections of the KyoMoon" album to follow up "Sketches of the KyoMoon". Hope to record it live next Sunday evening (March 15th) at the "Goodbye Weekend" concerts that are now a weekly event " Downstairs" @ the music ALL music Peace Park.

Tomorrow night (March 8th) we have Cypress Rosewood coming to play for this popular relaxing hour so set yourself to midnight and snuggle under the covers!

The Dreams Health Education Fair was very informative and showed what a great place SL can be as a support network for just about everything!

The Music and Technology School has been going very well and we now have two certificates hanging on the wall for Leanna Luftig and Vee Richez who both took the giant step of crossing the stream into SL - a well deserved cert of Streamology!

Played a couple of early morning concerts to benefit the devastating Bushfires in Australia and then my real life avatar went to FL for a week to work with the legendary Melanie. We got her social media sorted including a podcast on itunes and oh yes . . a bit of sun and swimming.

See you at the next on line performance

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