July 6, 2009

The Poet's Brain 070609 WHeRe WoRDs FaiL MuSiC SPeaKS

First Monday of each month I play at the Poet's Brain - a club where music and words go hand in hand thanks to the hostess Lailah Tomorrow and the wonderful group of 20-30 people who come to inspire and be inspired
This evening I played the following tunes to go with the theme "WHeRe WoRDs FaiL MuSiC SPeaKS"
Journey - TaKe Me oN a JouRNey TaKe Me FaR aWaY TaKe Me WHeRe THe MuSiC MaKeS ouR BoDieS PLaY
eGYPTiaN FoG - MeDiTaTe oN THe WoRD aND SooN THe NoTeS oF PeaCe WiLL SiNG a MuSiCaL PHRaSe
ReFLeCTioNS oF iNDiGo thanks to the paintings of Indea Vaher for letting me finally finish this
SuMMeR SoLSTiCe improvization
The following poems were sent and read before the stream and SL crashed for the last five minutes of a really fantastic hour!
We are still living on the edge and at the mercy of technolgy!
Thanks to everyone
See you in August!
JaNa KYoMooN
© Broodies words - a summer's night

As I sit on my deck gazing at the night sky listening to Jana's music
I see the thousand of twinkling stars dances across the heavens above
As the moon begins to rise in the east it shines it bright full moon beam light in the forest
on the trees below casting it shadows at the night.
I sit here feeling such peace and harmony with the planet and heavens.
Such a wonderous feelling and moment in time


© from Magnolia...

I can remeber as I look back
Days when I felt so free,
Child of a million stones,
I skipped across the creek,

There were spiderwebs and butterflies and roses in bloom,
A world when everything was rare and new...

Music brings on memories of days rich and true,
And still each time I hear a song, its a beginning brand new.

© Laila Tomorrow - Let the Music Flow
Mind, Body and Soul

The light shines in
And I exhale
I close my eyes and let the rays illuminate my mind
The rhythm guides my body and the melody moves my soul
It's time to unwind and let the music flow
My thoughts travel afar
My body does a dance
My soul is one with Sound
Let the music flow
© Poem for Jana's Song 07/06/09

right foot down the gourd shakes
left foot down the gourd shakes
heartbeat drum the gourd shakes
cry of the hawk the gourd shakes
aho, my brothers and sisters the gourd shakes
right foot down the gourd shakes
left foot down the gourd shakes
the tingle and pulse of life energy the gourd shakes
web of life live in peace the gourd shakes

Drusilla Galicia

© 2dragonflies and dandelions

Is this benign?
I'm counting down the time til twenty nine
my bum knee hurts I can't feel the rhythm in my soul
the pain is burning a hole
nothing feels real I'm crying too
I'm so down from sitting I'm blue
I also miss this chick I know where has she gone?
But damn I love this song.... what is it's name?
Like the rain it's gone
escaped through my sieve called thing I call brain
and it leaves again.

© Laila Tomorrow - As far as the eyes can see

surrounded by the children as far as the eyes can see
smiles, laughter, positive vibes all around
one by one, the faces start to fade
the laughter begins to die
and loneliness besets me
Oh how childhood pleasures escape our memory
to have that again

© Ruminations:Poet's Brain 762009
Lift me.
Stretch me long across the the heat

Leave me.
Let me wander alone amongst the vibrations

Let the worlds collide and the words unfurl
A patois of sound emerges as ideas and song entwine
Birthing beauty.

Inhale through your pores.
Hold it. Savor it.

Breathe out and watch where it goes.
Spinning into infinity, touching lightly as the magic becomes a part of everything.

Feel the beat in everything. In everyone.


© To Lessa (sung to the Mountain)

We met at a dance hall
A long time ago
You were so shy and innocent
A lot you didn't know
I loved you that instant
Knew we never would part
And we've grown so much closer
And share the same heart.

© Jakis Westminster Speak

With every beat that my heart makes
another piece of my heart brakes,

but dont feel sad
it isnt bad
i dont feel this way for a single person
i feel this way because im haunted by a lesson

if the world could speak,
it would tell us to leave
if the sky could speak
it would tell us not to breath
if the moon could speak
it would tell us not to go to sleep

if the water could speak
it would warn us not to go so deep
if the mountains could speak
theyd ask us to stop climbing there peaks

but if i choose to speak
id proberly sound obsolete

so if we all start respecting these things that cannont speak and start speaking together,
that would be lesson learnt forever
© Second Life

Meandering along this musical stream
Bobbing gently in the rhythmic waves
Washing up back on Help Island
Where a fascinating world unfolded
Long ago now - a lifetime past
Eyes opened wide viewing the new
Never thought possible before
Amazing new world -- still is now
Always changing yet familiar
Open to me now forevermore
Safe space always
Dreams come true.


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Herne Diker said...

Dru said there were some great conteporanious writings at Poets Brain last night. She was right.
I could really empathize to "2dragonflies and dandelions"
Thanks Jana