May 18, 2009

Perceived Chaos?

we are living in an airbrushed age - everything has to appear perfect.
i so enjoy performing in the virtual world of second life. i admit i get flustered and tongue tied as i move between three computers, loading sounds for the music I play and manipulate live. multi tasking like a mother.
yesterday i wondered if people notice and do they really care if it's live or not?
i can't message or communicate whilst playing and yet people chat to me as if i'm not doing anything.
other performers who play pre-recorded music can carry on a conversation whilst their music is playing.
i could if i was using itunes but i use logic audio - an extremely powerful sequencing and recording application.
i like the feel of playing live albeit it me and the computer!
would love to get your feedback . .
would you rather have a pristine sounding "radio show" or is there something about the chaos of someone trying to find sounds and their words that makes you tune in
thanks JaNa

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JaN PuLSFoRD said...

As Tony Gerber said "The energy of live comes through the wires" Something I have said for years-co-writing on the Rocket Network made me aware of that. you dont have to be in a room with someone to tap into the creative spirit.