May 22, 2011

the iLLuSioN oF ReaLiTY - JaNa KYoMooN gets expelled from Facebook

I think Facebook have made a huge mistake by kicking us out but we will rise again hopefully using a social network where our virtual art is appreciated . .  whilst I investigate the options please keep in touch here on the blog

You would think a little thing like:-
  • no stable internet access for 14 weeks, as outlined in my previous blogs
  • the temporary loss of my domains and ( still working on getting them back)
  • the deactivication of my JaNa KYoMooN facebook accounts - both the music page and profile page
would deter me
but NO
Wednesday June 1st JaN PuLSFoRD will be back on line playing the MuSiC oF JaNa KYoMooN with a month long festival celebrating the iLLuSioN oF ReaLiTY . . watch this space!
and if you would like to be involved let me know . . .
30 days of Creative Collaboration with musicians and performance artists around the globe.


Thanks everyone for your continued support
who performs using the avatar JaNa KYoMooN which is just like performing behind any other band or brand name!

May 18, 2011

THe iLLuSioN oF ReaLiTY - back Weds June 1st

Hello everyone
After 14 weeks of not being able to get on line I now have internet access . . . Hooray!
I have a lot of catching up to do . . albums to release, new music to play, lindens to pay, streams to reprogram etc. etc.
I am planning a month long celebration of "THe iLLuSioN oF ReaLiTY" starting Wednesday June 1st . . . 
Watch this space - be great to see you again and share some music and catch up!
As always thanks for your messages and support

May 15, 2011

The end of the beginning . . .

The end of the beginning . . . 
Tomorrow my router will be synced up to broadband via PlusNet.
After four months of trying to get on line I can hardly wait!
Unfortunately I still can't use my skype 3 phone - 3's technical support call me every few days to discuss and I keep telling them the same thing but still nothing has changed - Works fine on the train to London but not in this post code . . . 
I am obviously living in a black hole that I am trying to turn pink -
The end is in sight!

May 7, 2011

part 3: Gambling on PlusNet

Thanks to everyone for your concern. Over the last few months I've often felt like I live in the Suffolk equivalent of the Bermuda Triangle.
I wish I could tell you I have wired internet access - but not yet - tomorrow PlusNet come to install the phone line and apparently 5 days later i should be plugged in.
Watch this space . . .
BTcare on twitter have been extremely helpful - a positive side to social media. I can now get on line with BTOpenZone, albeit an expensive way to access the web. 
The 3 network have been great trying to resolve the mystery of my Skype Phone not working in this Postcode but fine everywhere else . . 
So whilst waiting for Plusnet and a return to Virtual music I have been getting on with some Real Life music demos - some Jazz  with Chico Freeman, Christmas songs for Nashville and more tunes for Music Libraries - did I mention my job description is  really "professional gambler"?

May 1, 2011

PART 2: Updates this week on more dismal attempts at getting connected to the grid . .

As someone who has worked and lived on line for the last 20 years these past months have been a humbling and frustrating time

Last week I hoisted the white flag and pulled the plug on my on line performances, ordered DSL from plusnet and am now waiting with bated breath for 9th May when they install a "phone line" . . . in the words of Scottie "How Quaint!"

So this week my Skype Phone still could not access Skype . . 3 customer support is very good but I really have better things to do than spend 40 minutes on the phone trying to let them solve a problem that should not exist in the first place . . . 

and then there was BT . . how do they do it? 
Last weekend in a fit of desperation I signed up for BTOpenZone ( as opposed to BTFON . . yes confusing isn't it) £39 for 60 hours of sporadic and unstable internet access . . a bargain you say . . . ( USA friends that works out at about $63 . .  a dollar an hour!)
The first hint of things to come was when they sent me my user name and password in an email - who's bright idea was that?
Most people using BT OpenZOne have no access to the internet so after parting with their money how do they get to log in? I had to use my 3 dongle to get the required access info from my email. Hilarious really if it wasn't so mind bogglingly time consuming and nonsensical!

Then in the middle of the week when I tried to log back on I was told that my usr name + PW were incorrect - nothing had changed from me - i tried three different browsers and two different computers with the exact same message from BT!

Apparently BTCare via Twitter are on the case . . watch this space

Oh yes and whilst writing this I noticed my 3 dongle had mysteriously gone off line . . must be the wind or a dive bombing swallow . . .