January 31, 2009

Best New Age ~ Jana Kyomoon

Winners of The 1rst AMA Music Awards!

The Winners of the first AMA (Anthology Music Awards) Awards with categories as created & picked by your fans across the grid are as follows & listed in no specific order:

Best Rock ~ Allister Westland
Best Acoustic ~ Phiona Ember
Best Live DJ ~ Mik Rosenfeld
Best New Live Artis ~ Sphere Quan
Best Jazz ~ Bones Writer
Best Instrumental ~ OneHempcat Oldrich
Best Folk ~ Frogg Marlowe & Jaycat Nicco
Best New Age ~ Jana Kyomoon
Best Duo ~ Erin68 Frog & Satin Galli
Best Venue ~ Hips West/Heron Island Performance Space/Carter Liveoak & Gillian Carthage
Best Female Artist ~ Grace McDunnough
Most Popular Artist ~ KevinMThomas Carpool

WOW I feel like i've won a Grammy!

January 30, 2009

Live music in SL - 5 of the best PART 1

There is an incredible amount of music in the virtual world of Second Life - so much that I could spend most of my time exploring and listening and never get any work done!! . . Here are some of my favourites so far . . . Search their profiles and find a gig

Torben Asp - Danish Electronica - very uplifitng, melodic and euro-rhythmic. Lots of good stories and now with a great Particle Show. His venue is the Yard Club Ethereal

ZeroOne Paz - Unique San Francisco Bay cool Jazz vibes and original songs/music with covers arranged in his inimitable style from Leonard Cohen to Talking Heads and Michael Franks. His Home is the Bluffs

Cypress Rosewood - Native American Flutes with Ambient Synths and Guitars. All live from his studio in TN. One of the pioneers of space music in SL.

DJ Miles Eleventhauer - if you are a true jazz buff catch one of Miles Jazz shows. Thursday night @ Sugar Hill is a good start - that's where I found him. Plays all kinds of jazz including fusion and acid jazz with the stories behind the music from the jazzologist.

DJ Format - aka Formatting Heliosense - Earlier this century the RL radio program 'electric brainwaves' gained much recognition and notice in the ambient music circuit. In 2005 the show went off the air and has been on hiatus ever since but this show has come back in SL only. For those who cherish the sounds of ambient/idm/glitch/noise and experimental electronic music. His home is the Wandering Star . The Wandering Star Indie Club, Phasmogoria (59, 21, 601)

Invite me to a gig!
JaNa KYoMooN

January 24, 2009

Music for the Soul Festival - the Welsh Edition

Last night we had a Welsh edition of the Music for your Soul Festival "Downstairs" in the music ALL music Peace Park.
It was a small intimate affair with Welsh Translations by Brywnwyn Llewellyn and tea and welsh cakes served by Mystical One and Ghryndd. JaNa read from the book of Welsh Sayings that Melanie Safka had sent her and played welsh folk tunes like Ar Hyd y Nos and Suogan in her electronic rhythmic reflective way
These are nice hours to relax
Look out for the next one - one day next week @4PM Probably be a children's hour

January 23, 2009

Music and Technology School

Last Wednesday I was surprised how many people turned up for the Music and Technology Class.
It was a "dummy run" but seemed to work out quite well, starting with me talking on the stream and then going into voice chat for real time Q+A
Some of the subjects we broached at the first Music and Technology School included
numerical IPs
voice chat
what can go wrong?
I tried to help clear up misconceptions about
web address vs website
podcast vs mp3
nicecast vs icecast
tips and donations

The first week was a trial run and the fee was by donation - a "what you can afford" hour.
I would like to keep it like that. The current rate of exchange is $280 Lindens = $1 US dollar

Please IM or email me with questions for next week's session
Wednesday @ 7PM @ the music ALL music Peace Park

January 8, 2009

January 6, 2009

Music for Winter Festivals 2008

Yesterday was the last event in the Music for Winter Festivals which ran almost daily through December @4PM
The calendar is archived here
and there is a slideshow of photos here
Highlights included
performances by Torben Asp, Cypress Rosewood and Trowzer Boa along with DJ appearances by DJ Miles Eleventhauer and JaNa KYoMooN and Happy Charles
Brywnwyn's Rezday party and the Angels 4 Taegan day were joyous occasions and the conga ball animations were daily sources of fun!
Over 300 avatars visited the park looking for Santa and donated to Angels for Taegan, Unicef and Project Children.
We raised thousands of lindens which is being sent out to the three charities this week. The final total will be posted on Friday.
Thank you for your support!