January 6, 2009

Music for Winter Festivals 2008

Yesterday was the last event in the Music for Winter Festivals which ran almost daily through December @4PM
The calendar is archived here
and there is a slideshow of photos here
Highlights included
performances by Torben Asp, Cypress Rosewood and Trowzer Boa along with DJ appearances by DJ Miles Eleventhauer and JaNa KYoMooN and Happy Charles
Brywnwyn's Rezday party and the Angels 4 Taegan day were joyous occasions and the conga ball animations were daily sources of fun!
Over 300 avatars visited the park looking for Santa and donated to Angels for Taegan, Unicef and Project Children.
We raised thousands of lindens which is being sent out to the three charities this week. The final total will be posted on Friday.
Thank you for your support!

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