December 1, 2009

Radio JaNa, Particles, Music for Winter Festivals

Thanks to everyone who comes and shares the music in Second Life and on . . . I finally worked out a way to keep my stream running 24/7 from cyberspace when I'm not playing live so please tune in anytime and if you want to use the stream in itunes or SL the URL is

Here's a link to a nice photo taken by Arthurx Titanium

I have been fortunate to recently work with InterfaceD Dreamscape's particles which really enhance the performance so much and make for great photos and video - if anyone has any please let me know!

Music for Winter Festivals is opening again Wednesday 2nd December at the music ALL music Peace park. Cant believe it's a year since the last one - where did the time go? So join us every Wednesday 4PM Pacific Time for some Festive Cheer and the GoodBye Weekend Shows every Sunday 2PM and 9PM

We are trying to raise 250,000 lindens for the various charities i will be performing for during the winter festivals so come and enjoy the music and donate!

People are always asking where they can buy the music so here is a link to CD baby for CDs and downloads

In SL members of the music ALL music Park group can buy the downloads at the music ALL music peace park for just 1000 lindens - look for the album covers . . and a good reason to join the group!

Thank You!
See you soon

JaNa KYoMooN


Shmoo Snook said...

Jana, thank you for your tireless commitment both to live music in SL and to all the wonderful causes you support.

JaNa KYoMooN said...

thank YOU Shmoo - look forward to seeing you doing the conga at the Music for Winter Festivals again this year!