May 1, 2011

PART 2: Updates this week on more dismal attempts at getting connected to the grid . .

As someone who has worked and lived on line for the last 20 years these past months have been a humbling and frustrating time

Last week I hoisted the white flag and pulled the plug on my on line performances, ordered DSL from plusnet and am now waiting with bated breath for 9th May when they install a "phone line" . . . in the words of Scottie "How Quaint!"

So this week my Skype Phone still could not access Skype . . 3 customer support is very good but I really have better things to do than spend 40 minutes on the phone trying to let them solve a problem that should not exist in the first place . . . 

and then there was BT . . how do they do it? 
Last weekend in a fit of desperation I signed up for BTOpenZone ( as opposed to BTFON . . yes confusing isn't it) £39 for 60 hours of sporadic and unstable internet access . . a bargain you say . . . ( USA friends that works out at about $63 . .  a dollar an hour!)
The first hint of things to come was when they sent me my user name and password in an email - who's bright idea was that?
Most people using BT OpenZOne have no access to the internet so after parting with their money how do they get to log in? I had to use my 3 dongle to get the required access info from my email. Hilarious really if it wasn't so mind bogglingly time consuming and nonsensical!

Then in the middle of the week when I tried to log back on I was told that my usr name + PW were incorrect - nothing had changed from me - i tried three different browsers and two different computers with the exact same message from BT!

Apparently BTCare via Twitter are on the case . . watch this space

Oh yes and whilst writing this I noticed my 3 dongle had mysteriously gone off line . . must be the wind or a dive bombing swallow . . .

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