April 24, 2011

BT I admit defeat; 3 network - I'm sorry but I can't rely on you; PlusNet - I am counting on you!

People say I am incredibly patient ... others think me extremely foolish to have spent so much time, energy and money on trying to get my internet access working so I can continue streaming my on line music shows.

This morning I realised they may have been right  and so regretfully I am cancelling everything until my access to the internet gets sorted by PlusNet scheduled for the middle of May.

Here is a brief summary of my adventures which may help people in a similar position. But do remember it doesn't matter how much money you spend, at the end of the day you are at the mercy of the Internet Service Providers.

When I moved to this beautiful place on the Suffolk Coast a few months ago I was led to believe I would be able to get up to 24MB download speed. I don't sign any contract without doing a thorough investigation so whilst moving in I used a mobile broadband dongle from the 3 network, with a 3 skype phone and the library next door! 
Everything was working OK as an interim.

After much research I realised I would be lucky to get 7MB Max. from any ISP and there was no cable or fibre optic in the pipeline!!! 
As someone who hasn't used a land line phone for over ten years the thought of taking out an 18 month contract to run my 7MB internet through the phone line seemed a little quaint so I started considering using mobile broadband as an option not just as a backup or standby.

I was about to get a contract and buy 3's new super-duper dongle when without warning they pulled the plug!! No access on my Skype phone or dongle … apparently they were working on a tower (I have it back now plus the £5.00 they gave me as compensation)

Meanwhile I kept noticing a BTopenzone page coming on my computer and after investigation signed up for BTFON which worked fine at first and then something happened and I just could not get connected. 
What a rip off!! How on earth does BT justify tapping into an existing customer's wifi and charging an unsuspecting person like me anywhere from £5.00 an hour to £15.00 for five days with NO guarantee that you can get or remain on line!

Undeterred I bought a 30 day pass from BT OpenZone to see if that was any better. Another absolute joke … Over the last ten weeks I have spent more time trying to get connected to BT than staying connected.

This morning I had to abandon the on line show - BT I admit defeat
3 network - I'm sorry but I can't rely on you.
PlusNet - I am counting on you!

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