May 22, 2011

the iLLuSioN oF ReaLiTY - JaNa KYoMooN gets expelled from Facebook

I think Facebook have made a huge mistake by kicking us out but we will rise again hopefully using a social network where our virtual art is appreciated . .  whilst I investigate the options please keep in touch here on the blog

You would think a little thing like:-
  • no stable internet access for 14 weeks, as outlined in my previous blogs
  • the temporary loss of my domains and ( still working on getting them back)
  • the deactivication of my JaNa KYoMooN facebook accounts - both the music page and profile page
would deter me
but NO
Wednesday June 1st JaN PuLSFoRD will be back on line playing the MuSiC oF JaNa KYoMooN with a month long festival celebrating the iLLuSioN oF ReaLiTY . . watch this space!
and if you would like to be involved let me know . . .
30 days of Creative Collaboration with musicians and performance artists around the globe.


Thanks everyone for your continued support
who performs using the avatar JaNa KYoMooN which is just like performing behind any other band or brand name!

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