May 7, 2011

part 3: Gambling on PlusNet

Thanks to everyone for your concern. Over the last few months I've often felt like I live in the Suffolk equivalent of the Bermuda Triangle.
I wish I could tell you I have wired internet access - but not yet - tomorrow PlusNet come to install the phone line and apparently 5 days later i should be plugged in.
Watch this space . . .
BTcare on twitter have been extremely helpful - a positive side to social media. I can now get on line with BTOpenZone, albeit an expensive way to access the web. 
The 3 network have been great trying to resolve the mystery of my Skype Phone not working in this Postcode but fine everywhere else . . 
So whilst waiting for Plusnet and a return to Virtual music I have been getting on with some Real Life music demos - some Jazz  with Chico Freeman, Christmas songs for Nashville and more tunes for Music Libraries - did I mention my job description is  really "professional gambler"?

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