February 10, 2016

Friday Feb12th 2PM DeZe Park in SL

Friday 2PM DeZe Park in SL - an hour of ambient virtual magical music with JaNa KYoMooN
Come and Relax for a musical massage - Set your mind and your environment to midnight at Delphia's DeZe Park
Hope to see you there .. 
Live on Radio JaNa too - of course

February 6, 2016

Sunday 2PM SLT The GoodBYe WeeKeND SHoW

Sunday 2PM SLT The GoodBYe WeeKeND SHoW - time travel to an hour of calm and in Medora's Garden
Looking forward to this very much Join me for an hour of ambient reflections!

January 29, 2016

Monday 2PM SLT aTHeNa BLue virtually live at the Limelight

JaNa's hooligan sister, aTHeNa BLue,
virtually live 
performs her last two shows at the Limelight
Monday 2PM SLT Feb 1 and Feb 15th
Thanks to Roxy for hosting these great Monday night musical adventures.
I'm sure aTHeNa won't be quiet for long ...
Follow her adventures on Facebook
and see you Monday!