June 2, 2018

The MooNDaY SHoW

JaNa has built a new club up in the stars for her MooNDay SHoWs
and invites you to join her on Monday 4th June for an hour of music and chat
in the virtual world of Second Life

JaNa KYoMooN

still exploring the illusion of reality - after all these years …

November 6, 2017

MooNDaY SHoW 1PM SLT - see you later - Live on for TWO hours with girl in a gale and JaNaMooN

Roxy's 5th Rez Day Bash brings The Sun & Moon Group's Flagship venue back down into low orbit for the first time in two years.

Day I - Monday, November 6th
Ambient World Music Field Trip
1PM SLT - girl in a gale
Suitcase synths, alto saxophone, plastic trumpet and sampled beats.

2PM SLT - JanaMoon aka JanaKyomoon aka....
JanaMoon's extensive library of Ambient Music is only one reflection of her creativity. Her career beyond virtual reality speaks for itself.

MooNDaY SHoW 1PM SLT - see you later! - Live in Second Life and on IF you can't get into SL chat