December 1, 2012

Welcome to the first virtual weekend of December . . .

Welcome to the first virtual weekend of December . . .

SATURDAY 1PM Pacific So looking forward to playing at the SL planetarium. I do hope you will join me for for a return performance of ambient reflective electronica from JaNa KYoMooN at this beautiful build.
Bring your cameras! Lots of beautiful images to be posted . . 

SUNDAY Join us for THREE HOURS of music every Sunday in December
I will be playing music and chatting on my new mic and stream today from 12PM onwards
12PM San Francisco /2PM Nashville/3PM New York /8PM London/9PM Paris
at the MuSiC FoR WiNTeR FeSTiVaLS peace park in the virtual world of Second Life
and on the new and improved stream
or pop this into itunes

12PM Recording a Radio Show 'Wine is Bottled Poetry'
Please do come along and relax whilst I record a monthly hour of aMBieNT MuSiC WoRLD for broadcast on the Radio Ditto app
Have you downloaded yours yet?

SUN 1PM THe GoodBYe WeeKeND SHoW 12PM Pacific our weekly get together for an hour of ambient reflective music. A musical massage and hour of calm. Bring your skates - 

SUN 2PM Happy Charles kicks off the Music for Winter Festivals with his songs for the seasons. It's an annual tradition! Come and get virtually festive and do the xmas conga!

Check the latest news on

and join us during the shows

Be great to see you . . 
As always thanks for your support

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