December 8, 2012

9th Dec 2012 My Virtual Sunday . . . .

My Virtual Sunday . . . .

12PM Pacific/ 8PM UK - THe iLLuSioN oF ReaLITY with Tuna OddFellow + JaNa KYoMooN

Every month JaN goes virtually to the USA to play the Music of JaNa KYoMooN at the TuNaVeRSe celebrating the iLLuSioN oF ReaLiTY with an hour of out of this world visuals. Plenty of pyscho particles, live streaming music and colourful oddity full of mind blowing graphics and oddness from master magician Tuna OddFellow - Live from London UK and Salem USA! 
Be part of the future of live interactive performance art streaming straight into your living room via your computer!

SUNDAY 1PM Pacific/9PM UK time / 1PM in California, 3PM in Nashville and 4PM in NYC.

1PM THe Change - a metaverse rock opera with the music of Junivers Stockholm presented by the Cybernetic Art Research Project


SUN 2PM Pacific/10PM UK time / 2PM in California, 4PM in Nashville and 5PM in NYC. Happy Charles back for the Music for Winter Festivals with his songs for the seasons. It's an annual tradition! Come and get virtually festive and do the xmas conga!
at the MuSiC FoR WiNTeR FeSTiVaLS peace park in the virtual world of Second Life
and on the new and improved stream
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Be great to see you . . 
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