February 7, 2010

Music and Particles Show

i could spend a whole hour thanking over 50 people for making the Music and Particles Show for each side of the globe such a success . . . so a big thank you to EVERYONE . . you know who you are!

Of course InterfaceD Dreamscape surpassed himself with his particle wizardry as seen in these photos from Flicky Exonar

and the whole thing was captured by Escape Unplugged. Here's Dragonflies and Dandelions

We were sent a "A flower" by Susy Halcali "dedicated to this beautiful showing of music and light"

A flower is born and
From the beauty of her wake
life becomes
for us to realize.

She sends her vision outwards,
spreading from eye to eye,
to dance before us.
Visions of a scent
inscribed within her
as no other can.
She touches us
with sounds.
With this birth
we feel the movement of wind against her petals.
We see her life.

Hope to see you at the next one . . .

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