August 19, 2014

12PM Sunday 31st August at Wizzy Gynoid's Isotropic Grid

****<<< Wizzy's concert has been moved to one week later. Sunday August 31st to celebrate the closing of the SIM >>>****
Put it on your calendar!
Wizard Gynoid's 3D Wireframe Grid - the Isotropic Grid - extends in all directions to Infinity. Find the elevators on the ground that go up and down thru the whole structure. It's a virtual SuNDaY!

Wizzy Gynoid
Delighted to be asked by Wizzy Gynoid to play at her LEA1 exhibition on Sunday at noon
Wizzy was the one who introduced me to the mysterious wonders of shapes and numbers through her museum of sacred geometry on the Tibet SIM some years ago in the virtual world of Second Life.

She is an incredible builder with geometric shapes that will make it worth your while to download the Second Life viewer and join us on Sunday for an hour of magical music inside geometry! I can hardly wait and will make sure there is some special music to match the occasion . . .

See you then!

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