May 5, 2014

2PM It's a SHaPeSHiFTeR kind of MooNDaY

SHaPeSHiFTeR - an album of MooNDaY music from the river

10PM UK and  2PM SLT -  It's a SHaPeSHiFTeR kind of MooNDaY this evening! Live on 
and in the virtual world of Second Life at Dubhna's beautiful grotto

It's time to roll out the SHaPeSHiFTeR album at this week's MooNDaY SHoW - a very first listen and then if it all sounds fine the first release goes exclusively to the pledgers of 'The Sound of You' . . .

I'm also showing the SHaPeSHiFTeR video at the Woodbridge Film Society before the virtual radio show and will be putting that up on the ambient music world Channel later

See you later for an evening of virtual music and magic!

P.S. In case you hadn't noticed 'The Sound of You' is a project that is so important to me.
It is a songbook written in the jazz tradition with my longtime musical partner Chico Freeman and sung by Estelle Kokot - currently touring South Africa and showing everyone what a great artist she is.

We decided to try and raise the money by crowd funding and are 60% of the way towards being able to record the album - 16 songs mixing jazz, lyrics with a sound that stretches from Chicago to Johannesburg via London!

It has really touched me how many of you have pledged to put money in for the recording and I will always be thankful for your support. This has been 13 years in the making  . . . yes dreams do take time to become reality.

So if you pledge $10 I'll give you a digital download of 'Shapeshifter' too   . . .
(more if you want the Sound of you CD or Songbook or a Skype Call or private House Party - have a look - the list goes on and on) 

and if you don't want to bother with the pledge site  just contact me directly and we'll work something out!


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