March 6, 2014

Friday, Saturday and New Album news

Where else on line can you find people from all over the world sharing live art and music in the same space in real time?
Put on your finest pixels and join me . . .

FRIDAY Roxy's Sun and Moon 10PM UK time and 2PM Pacific -

SATURDAY March 8 2PM International Womens Day 
Concert for International Womans Day   1pm-4pm

1pm Junivers Stockholm
2pm Jana Kyomoon
3pm Ultraviolet Alter

at the Imagine Nest at Four Bridges with art work by Aurakyo Insoo and Artistide Despres

live streaming music on

Get the latest JaNa KYoMooN recording - for a pledge!

The Sound of You has only 28 days left to raise the money to make the album! Time is moving on . . 
We need your help!

For followers of JaNa KYoMooN and my aMBieNT MuSiC WoRLD shows on Radio JaNa and in Virtual Worlds I am offering an extra exclusive if

YOU pledge to order the Sound of You album in advance (along with any of the rewards available)

I will double reward you with a mastered digital download of an exclusive EP ' Echoes of the River' with artwork via a personal email from me.

Sound like a deal? For the price of a couple of coffees you get two albums of world class music and continue to support true independent music. Without you I couldn't do it.

The minimum pledge is $10 for a digital download . . . 

more details about the project

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