October 14, 2013

My virtual week begins . . .

My virtual week begins . . .
Hope you can join me as I perform the music of JaNa KYoMooN streamed live on 
Brave people with avatars come into Second Life or inWorldz to be part of the land that lies behind the monitor!
Let your imagination run wild for an hour of music and virtual art and join me for an hour of calm.

MoNDaY - It's a MooNDaY kind of MoNDaY! 2PM Pacific/10PM UK Share an hour of the amBieNT MuSiC WoRLD of JaNa KYoMooN with some new music and old friends at the BlaCK Dahlia CLub - every MoNDaY!

FRIDAY - Roxy Gellar hosts the music of JaNa KYoMooN in the virtual world of Second Life.
2PM Pacific/10PM UK

 SaTuRDaY - LOVE FESTIVAL - Festival der Liebe 2013
11.30 Pacific/ 7.30PM UK
So pleased to be part of this German based Festival of Love 

Thanks to everyone for your support
Have a lovely week - virtual or otherwise!

Oh and do follow us on Facebook and ask to join the group!

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