May 24, 2013

12 NooN Friday 24th May - COLOR OUT OF THE LINES

Tonight the Dove Rhode has invited me to play at Burn2
The live stream will only be available in Second Life
                                                   COLOR OUT OF THE LINES
      In remembrance of the time of early beginnings; as paper empty as our abilities was given to us along with crayons so we created art.  
Then as paint boxes and coloring books appeared we still created art but now of structure and less of our first faltering attempts.  As we grew in our art she was always at our side guiding,  praising; swift with tape and magnets to post our results upon the fridge.

She was always there to encourage us and to push us further to use chalk, clay, and anything that came to hand.  She was our muse and sponsor.  But always she gave us permission to make COLOR OUT OF THE LINES
 Please join us for this two day event with music and creative art building to celebrate the creation of art and of her. 
  There will be small 'sand boxes' to create
 with a 4 hour limit can keep or take a copy with.
 Please join us and enjoy the wonderful Burn2 landscape and vision!
Friday May 24th at Noon -----Until Midnight May 25th

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