May 5, 2012

ViRTuaL SuNDaY w/ JaNa KYoMooN 12PM + 1PM SLT

It's a ViRTuaL SuNDaY w/ JaNa KYoMooN
12PM Pacific/ 8PM UK - THe iLLuSioN oF ReaLITY with Tuna OddFellow + JaNa KYoMooN
Every month JaN goes virtually to the USA to play the Music of JaNa KYoMooN at the TuNaVeRSe celebrating the iLLuSioN oF ReaLiTY with an hour of out of this world visuals.
Plenty of pyscho particles, live streaming music and colourful oddity full of mind blowing graphics and oddness from master magician Tuna OddFellow - Live from London UK and Boston USA!
Be part of the future of live interactive performance art streaming straight into your living room via your computer!

Then at 1PM we slow down for the GooDBYe WeeKeND SHoW as per usual!
An hour of musical massage amongst good friends at Reality Island
Look forward to seeing you this virtual weekend

As always thanks for your support

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