December 10, 2011

Your virtual weekend starts here . . .

Saturday, December 10, the Vista Hermosa Art Center invites you to
"Ambient Winter", a 4 hour program of live ambient music by:

Jana Kyomoon (1PM)
Soundsmith Kamachi (2PM)
Torben Asp (3PM)
Ultraviolet Alter (4PM)

We will also have flying dances and particles by Medora Chevalier.

The event will take place at Cafe Kamachi (near the VHAC)

Looking forward to see you at Ambient Winter hosted by
Soundsmith Kamachi

Jan Pulsford is  Preparing some new music of JaNa KYoMooN for the weekend shows - 
"At 1PM Pacific on Saturday i am performing with 4 great electronica artists - so looking forward to this! ... and then of course on Sunday we will have our usual get together at 2PM Pacific to toast the season with music + particles and say goodbye to the weekend up in the clouds at the music ALL music Peace Park

These couple of shows will be my last for a while so do come and visit and share an hour or so of ambient reflections . . be great to see you!

As always thanks for your support"


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