June 14, 2011

JaNa gets oDD at the Odd Ball 7PM PDT Wednesday

Hello everyone! i'm doing a two hour show of rhythmic electronica Wednesday for the USA ( so no sleep for me as it will be 3AM here but 7PM on the Pacific coast.) JaNa KYoMooN will be performing with Tuna Oddfellow as part of the Odd Ball - always a colourful occasion! Full of mind blowing graphics and oddness . . . hope to see you there - as always thanks for your support!

All shows are simulcast on

For best effect plug into a big screen and put the music into your speakers or headphones, dim the lights, light some candles, pour a glass of wine or chamomile tea and RELAX!

This is part of the future of live interactive performance art streaming straight into your living room
via your computer

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