February 18, 2011

a life without instant access to the internet

a life without instant access to the internet . . facebook, skype, twitter, email, secondlife .  . hard to imagine isn't it? . . . especially when your life has been so intertwined with the grid since 1993

I recently moved (yet again) and it looks like I won't be getting wired broadband into my apartment until the end of March . . . so i am in the middle of compiling a series of "GoodBye Weekend Shows" - (something I really should have done a long time ago) to put on the radio jana server for broadcast each Sunday at the usual time - 2PM PT/10PM GMT

This means we can continue meeting on line at the music ALL music Peace Park and communicate during the show using chat. The interim mobile 3G service I currently use is pretty good just not good enough for live broadcasts. It also means I can make them available as downloadable podcasts from itunes (with limited music) or as a full one hour at the shows for all you loyal followers  . . . 

and so another adventure begins . . 
hope to see you this sunday 20th feb

1 comment:

JaN PuLSFoRD said...

waiter - there's a fly in my soup and a flaw in my theory . .
so of course i can record the show but have to UPLOAD it!!
forgive me it's a been an odd few weeks . . . my brain has been on overload
i promise the show will be back on line next week along with a visit to the Tunaverse Odd Ball . . .
Tonight there are some great events going on tonight in the virtual world of second life so why not support them like this amazing Opening at Diabolus . . see you there . .