June 26, 2010

What a fantastic week celebrating SL7B!

What a fantastic week celebrating SL7B! This weekend we wrap up the celebrations with a performance + free copy of "Pools of Puddles" . .

SAT 1PM U21 Global Campus - JaNa KYoMooN plays a 30 minute performance of Pools of Puddles with a complimentary download to celebrate SL7B. Live at the U21 Global Campus Arena Open Mic 30 mins Concert

SUN 2PM The GoodBye Weekend SHow JaNa KYoMooN celebrates SL7B with a special "Unexpected Collaborations" Show featuring tracks from leanna luftiig, nnoiz papp, trefies kaufman, junivers stockholm, miles eleventheur, cypress rosewood, swina allen at the music ALL music Peace Park - music that happened thru collaborating in Second Life.

MON 5AM Good Morning Afternoon Evening Show - a Global repeat performance of the "Unexpected Collaborations" Show for the USA early risers , European lunch munchers + the Australian+ other side of the world (to me), evening wine + chamomile tea drinkers. Hope to have interfaceD Dreamscape working his particles magic too!

Please visit THe ViRTuaL WoRLD is FuLL oF uNeXPeCTeD CoLLaBoRaTiVe oPPoRTuNiTieS
to pick up your free copy of Pools of Puddles and to see the exhibit . . .
As always thanks for your support

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