April 2, 2010

JaNa KYoMooN invites you to THREE events this WeekEnd

JaNa KYoMooN invites you to THREE events this WeekEnd
More details are on my calendar

SATURDAY 1PM JaNa KYoMooN performs as part of the Music Awareness Festival on Money Island. This is a 100 hour or more event celebrating music in Second Life - well worth a visit to experience the growing creative presence of music in the virtual world
SUNDAY 11AM Music and Particles at the Fae & Elven Pride Festival Music
A special performance by JaNa KYoMooN + InterfaceD Dreamscape.
JaNa KYoMooN performs her melodic ambient rhythmic reflections with the beautiful particles of InterfaceD Dreamscape at the first Elven Pride for Fae of all kinds - a very diverse fae mix who claim the right to be unique!!
Mixing electronica with ambient improvisations and rhythmic reflections in "a gallery of soundscapes and audio paintings."JaNa KYoMooN's musical pictures are sketched with reflective piano and synths tinged with echoes of world jazz and triphop.
Complimented by the Particle artistry of InterfaceD Dreamscape this is a show not to be missed
SUNDAY 3.30PM The Weekly GoodBye Weekend Show
JaNa will be sharing some of her mixes for the albums being released next month on CD Baby and itunes - Phases of the KyoMooN, Paintings of the KyoMooN and the MuSiC oF JaNa KYoMooN. Music collected from her live performances streamed into the virtual world of Second Life. You heard it first here. Thanks for your inspiration and support.

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