January 26, 2010

Cypress Rosewood - a victim of theft

cypress rosewood aka tony gerber has been an inspiration to many
including me
i remember coming to visit nashville before the digital revolution and meeting tony - he was immersed in macs, graphics and space music.
when the internet went public, he disappeared into the world wide web for weeks, coming up long enough to say WOW - of course i just had to follow him in and watched him develop his on line label Space for Music and Space Radio

about four years ago he discovered second life - disappeared into it for weeks coming up long enough to say WOW and - again - i just had to follow him in . . . we played concerts together with Stephen Seifert as the Peace Park Trio - it seemed like we were splitting the atom when we piggybacked three streams . .

i watched as Tony Gerber developed into the premier ambient space musician of the grid - Cypress Rosewood

and now he is mac less . . . it's hard enough for independent artists to make a living . . . all his tools have just been stolen including many analog instruments - i just hope his vast body of digital work is archived somewhere in cyberspace.

the virtual world of second life is rallying around of course and if you would like to support his plight please consider buying his music or just donating a little something . . .

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