March 31, 2016

2PM GooDBYe WeeKeND SHoW - inworldz - download the viewer from

JaNa returns! - come inworldz for a special first 'GooDBYe WeeKeND SHoW' - Sunday 3rd April 2PM Pacific/10PM UK
The name of the land and group is aMBieNT MuSiC WoRLD - hope to see you there for our very first show in a new virtual world

March 17, 2016

JaNa has been seen inWorldz

Well JaNa has been seen inWorldz preparing a beautiful place to start her shows again - hopefully in April
The inworldz viewer is quite easy to navigate and of course, because there are fewer people than in SL, the lag is so much better!
Watch this space and the FB group for updates ... A new beginning is on the horizon!
JaNa x